Application Form Guide

We know the online application form can seem like we are asking for a lot of information from you and your business.  This information is vitally important and are part of the standard procedure for businesses taking on new payment providers.

Getting all of this information from you up front allows us to ensure you are who you say you are which allows us to get your business accepting payments as quickly and cheaply as possible.

Information below is arranged in the order of questions asked in the online form and references the exact wording of the form.  If you have a need for clarity around a question not mentioned below please email [email protected].


This is the name that will appear on your customers’ statements for purchases from you.  This should be no longer than 22 characters and is subject to your approval.  Any changes will be communicated to you.

Merchant Fulfillment Period

This is the period of time it takes you to ship and handle a customer’s order following the order creation.

If you do not handle or ship goods please enter a 0 (zero) here.

Do you offer an e-wallet?

Do you offer your customers an e-wallet facility.

An e-wallet is a means of pre-loading funds into an online account which allows them to pay for goods or services.  Examples of e-wallets include Applypay and Googlepay.

Identification Number

The number on your identification, if you have uploaded a passport this would be your passport number, if you have uploaded a driving license this would be your driving license number. 

Are you a politically exposed person?

A Politically Exposed Person or PEP is someone who has been entrusted with a prominent public function at some point in their lives.

There is a need to gain extra information if you fit this criteria as you represent a higher risk for bribery and corruption due to the public nature of your position.

Transacting Currencies vs Settlement Currency

Transacting currencies are all of the currencies you would like your customers to be able to buy your goods and/or services with.

Settlement currency is the currency you would like these transactions to be sent you your bank in, no matter which currency the customer transacted with.

PCI Level - Total Yearly Credit Card Transactions

The level of PCI compliance you are required to meet is dependent upon the total number of yearly credit card transactions you process.

If you process over 6 million transactions you need to meet PCI Level 1.

If you process between 1-6 million transactions you need to meet PCI Level 2.

If you process between 20,000-1 million transactions you need to meet PCI Level 3.

If you process between under 20,000 transactions you need to meet PCI Level 4.

Payment Card Types

Please use this picklist to define which methods you would like your customers to be able to pay with.

Ecom – meaning you would like to be able to accept payments online

MOTO – you would like to accept payments over the phone

POS – you would like to accept payments in store using a card terminal for face to face transactions 

Do you process recurring transactions?

You have the need to proces a recurring transaction on a regular basis.

This is often used for subscription or memebership payments. The first payment is authorised and following payments of a fixed amount are taken on a regular basis.