U.S. Sports Betting Has a New E2E Platform Solution Launching in Casinos with Online Player Deposits and Winnings to Support a $6Bn Market by 2023. FABICash Partners with Secure Trading to Create FABISport®

Secure Trading, a leader in online gaming with its comprehensive compliance and payments platform, has partnered with FABICash, an industry leader in casino cash access and compliance solutions, to launch the first End-to-End Sports Betting online and offline deposit and payments of winnings platform.

Atlanta, U.S. – September 2018: Secure Trading is pleased to announce an innovative new partnership with FABICash (“FABI”), to provide FABI’s extensive casino client base and new customers with the ability to link on premise sports betting with online and mobile based sports betting. Together, Secure Trading and FABI provide an end to end solution with multiple pay in (Card, ACH, Prepaid) and pay out solutions (Card, ACH, and Prepaid) that is both simple, secure and instant for their players.

With the U.S. Supreme Court’s overturn of PAPSA this summer, casinos throughout the U.S. are rushing to offer sports betting within legalized states. Eilers & Krejcik Gaming estimated that the total U.S. market for sports betting could be as high as $6.03 billion by 2023.  With it being newly expanded and legalized, casinos and their patrons have a growing need for platforms and payment solutions to fund both on premise and online sports betting.

FABISport® is designed to provide security, engage and retain customers in this highly competitive industry, reduce costs, while generating additional revenue for the casino. In addition, the solution will also take care of the casino’s regulatory compliance activities.  Central to FABISport® is a prepaid card program that players can use to fund their online sports betting accounts.  For bettors, FABISport® offers a simple, straightforward online application process for registration, allowing them to quickly get into the game. Combined with FABITrack®, the Title 31 Compliance and AML Data Analytics software application, this solution created by the partnership is unchallenged in the Sports Betting industry.

Launched in 2014, Secure Trading’s ST1 compliance and payments solution is a highly-specialized platform for regulated online gaming merchants, and now for sports betting.  With over 15 years’ experience in Europe supporting key online Poker and sports gaming clients, Secure Trading has imported both the product and knowledge from a legal, regulatory and compliance point of view to support FABI’s client base and the industry as a whole.  Secure Trading, with presence in Atlanta, London and Malta, provides its best-in-class solution, ST1, which is focused on two key challenges in the industry:

1) Providing flexible payment options for pay in, as well as pay out of winnings, and

2) Assuring bettors are compliant with state regulations.

“Secure Trading was the most like-minded partner for us when it came to payment processing,” said Anthony Rabito, President at FABI. “The company’s status as best-in-class technology with a flexible design, allowing casinos and sports betting operators to maintain control of their player on-boarding and payments strategy, as well as its open-loop prepaid program, was highly attractive to us. Importing experience from mature markets like Europe is key as our industry evolves.”

“Secure Trading is always looking to partner with forward-thinking and innovative companies that are helping to drive the industry forward. At the dawn of legalized sports betting in the U.S., now is the perfect time for us to partner with a fantastic company, such as FABI,” said Kobus Paulsen, founder of Secure Trading.

“FABI has a wealth of experience and are real experts in what they do, and that’s why we were keen to partner with them. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial partnership in this exciting new world of sports betting within the U.S.,” said Kevin Dodson, Senior Vice President in the U.S.

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FABICash® is the award-winning Cash Access and Title 31 Compliance company, servicing over 150 casinos throughout the United States.  FABICash® has been in the gaming business since 1996, and is currently licensed to do business in 27 states, and in Canada. We have always provided the most reliable ATM, Cash Advance, Check Cashing and Title 31 AML Compliance services in the gaming industry. FABICash® is the leader in providing gold standard customer service and support, and developing new technology based on the needs of our casino partners.

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