What do most online gamers want from their gaming experience, apart from big wins? Real-time deposits so they can get playing straightaway, and real-time payouts so they get their winnings credited to their account in seconds.

This is also what most gaming operators want too. Real-time deposits reduce cart abandonment and increase revenues. Real-time payouts result in happy customers and more opportunities to win back those payouts.

Customer Experience And Real-Time Deposits

It comes down to the customer experience. That’s key to building a successful online gaming brand, where customers have a streamlined experience from account set up or log in, to depositing funds and placing a bet or playing a game. Any delay in depositing funds, or friction points such as a deposit being declined, can result in a lost opportunity as the customer aborts their transaction.

Therefore it is essential that your payment page is optimized for faster deposits. This can be achieved in the following ways:

Fast loading times – payment page loading speeds can impact heavily on cart abandonment. Too slow and a customer may mistrust the website and payment gateway provider, thinking that the site is behaving unusually. Slow loading times can also make the customer think that the site has crashed, or simply cause frustration that results in cart abandonment.

Preferred payment methods – customers also want their preferred payment methods, the ones they trust and are convenient to use. Experienced gamers know what payment methods are most likely to be accepted on a gaming site, and also may have experience of deposits being refused. A choice of traditional (credit and debit card) and alternative payment methods (e-wallets, pre-paid card etc.), result in faster deposits.

Acquiring partners – your choice of acquiring partners will also affect the deposit acceptance rate. Partner with acquirers that are most likely to accept the transaction in your market. By partnering with multiple acquirers if a deposit is refused at the first request it can be rerouted to another acquirer within seconds. The customer will be unaware of any hold up and if the deposit is successful, have no idea that their request was refused initially.

Suggest APMs – if a deposit is refused using the customer’s chosen payment method, it’s possible to suggest an alternative payment method (APM) with high deposit acceptance rates. Point customers to a landing page notifying them that their transaction was declined, but suggesting more reliable methods to deposit instead.

Your payment service provider can help your business optimize the payment gateway for faster deposits. Make sure they have specific experience in your market as they will have the expert insights needed to streamline the customer experience effectively.

Real-Time Payouts Are Beneficial To Operators Too

It’s not surprising that customers want their payouts quickly. However, it is also advantageous for operators too. Fast payouts result in increased trust, loyalty and customer advocacy; meaning that customers are more likely to play again and recommend your brand to their gaming friends.

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