US payment processing. Perfected.

Acquire, retain & grow

Acquire, retain and grow your ISO/PSP Business with a white label, end-to-end payments processing solution.

ISOs & PSPs love us.

TRU//Payme merchants are happy merchants.

Merchants typically leave to seek new integrations, payment types, or new banking relationships.  

Beyond the gateway, the TRU// tech stack provides merchants with an expansive set of financial tools, which keep them engaged and happy. You and your merchants also gain access to our banking network which enables them to achieve their business goals.
— All that, plus a dedicated account manager 😉 

Total flexibility and control.

• State of the art m-commerce and e-commerce APIs
• Flexible JSON libraries
• Full-featured sandbox environment
• 24/7 Support

Agents & Reps love us.

Built for agents, by agents. Get and keep merchants with Financial Technology Tools for ISOs Agents and PSPs.

From domestic apps to international business setup, manage complex and simple merchant applications in our state-of-the-art onboarding portal.

  • Paperless onboarding for your agents (bye-bye emails and attaching PDFs)
  • Store multiple processor apps
  • Multiple pricing schedules
  • Endless sub-agents
  • E-signatures

This system is built by people who appreciate how hard it can be to process a merchant application. We’ve dialed for dollars, made appointments door-to-door, and done everything perfectly, only
to be refused by underwriting.

It’s designed to make your life easier, from one agent to another. The art of great selling is in our DNA.